The Turnaround School Leaders Project

Western Michigan University is in a collaborative partnership with Battle Creek Public Schools and Flint Community Schools to propose the project titled “Developing a Leadership Pipeline and Renewing Schools Simultaneously.” The project is designed to develop an implement a leadership pipeline that will recruit and select 20 teacher leaders and five principals from priority schools as well as other schools from each district. The selected cohort will receive differentiated leadership training and professional development on school renewal based on individual needs consistent with the District’s plan for turning around its priority schools. The leadership training and professional development will have a particular focus on the uniqueness of urban school districts. The participating principals and teacher leaders will then engage in a school renewal process to improve their schools with an emphasis on priority schools within each District. Principals and teachers will be evaluated via locally mandated teacher and principal evaluation systems and incentives will be provided to support, place, and retain in the districts those leaders in the pipeline. Throughout the three-year project, principals and teacher leaders will be given autonomy and flexibility to improve their schools and develop resources to sustain the system after the grant award period ends. This proposal addresses Absolute Priority 1 as well as Competitive Preference Priorities 1 and 2. This project aims to achieve two purposes simultaneously ―to develop and/or enhance a leadership pipeline and improve student outcomes of the priority and other schools. Embedded in the conceptual framework for the project are the following, well-supported principles for improving our schools: (a) the emphasis should be on enhancing both school leaders’ knowledge and skills while improving the conditions in which they function; (b) the school is the unit for change with support from the central office; (c) the unique conditions of each school are considered within the turnaround process; and (d) the project is job-embedded, action-oriented, and results-driven.

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