Battle Creek Public Schools

Battle Creek Public Schools

 Project Focus Areas For Battle Creek Public Schools

Focus Areas
Key Features
Family and Community Engagement
  • Build opportunities to create two-way communication between families and the school
  • Increase parental involvement in school-based decision making
  • Increased collaboration with community agencies to provide extended opportunities for students
Targeted Professional Development
  • Professional developed focused on specific academic improvement targets identified by teachers
  • Increased feedback and monitoring on teaching from highly trained administrators and peers
Instructionally Focused Schools District Wide
  • Frequent (weekly) discussion on student achievement data through progress monitoring
  • Establish a tiered system of support for students at risk and monitor it on a frequent basis
  • Monitor district wide curriculum to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment


The project will prepare and support teacher leaders and principals by (a) providing comprehensive and differentiated PD and mentoring, (b) developing and implementing individual and school renewal plans, (c) forming learning communities, (d) offering incentives, (e) developing participants’ knowledge and skills while improving the conditions in which they work, (f) sustaining a PD program with a high level of intensity by impacting the participants, their schools and student achievement.

The Grant Management Team along with  a district-level administrator, Dr. Nuzzi who will serve as project co-director, will facilitate the development and implementation of the renewal plans. Focusing on improving (a) participants’ knowledge, skills, and behaviors and (b) the conditions under which the participants work will contribute to the success of the project.


Participants in the Turnaround School Leaders Project

Cynthia Bell
Stephanie Crochran
Scott Davis
Laura Garrison
Cinda Guilbault
Suzie Hlavach
Debra Jackson-Noble
Mike Maienbrook
Michelle McQueen
Leah Montroy
Daniell Perroud
Jennifer Purman
Debra Rinoldo-Hopkins
Rick Robart
Dana Simmons
Cheryl Tate
Racheal Turner
Shelly Umphrey
Amie Urbanke
Charity Walsh
Bryan Yuille