Articles About Professional Learning Communities

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“When teachers are part of a team, they all have an equal stake — and share equally in the risks — when it comes to ensuring the success of their team and their students.”  -Marguerite McNeely

Developing Norms of Collaboration

Seven Norms of Collaboration

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“…organizations have been training the wrong people.  Instead of spending time and energy developing more skilled facilitators, he said, they should develop group members’ skills as the way to improve practice and success…When group members are knowledgeable and killed, anyone with simple knowledge of facilitation principles and moves can facilitate constructive group work…The seven norms serve as guides and benchmarks in groups.  As they become established within the working substrate, both veterans and newcomers, that this is the way we talk to each other around here…when one or two people in a meeting practice the norms, the behavior of other group members becomes more effective.”  -The Adaptive School
Norms Personal Reflection

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Norms Rating Group

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Organizational Health YouTube Playlist


Handouts About Communication and Organizational Health


The Adaptive School: A Sourcebook for Developing Collaborative Groups.
Robert Garmston & Bruce Wellman.
Educators as Learners: Creating a Professional Learning Community for Your
School.  Edited by Penelope Wald & Michael Castleberry
Improving Instruction Through Professional Learning Teams
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory