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2017 TSLP Summer Conference

Turnaround School Leaders Gather and Approach the Three-Year Mark!

Turnaround School Leaders Project participants from Battle Creek Public Schools and Kalamazoo Public Schools gathered in June at the Fetzer Center, on the campus of Western Michigan University.  For some participants, it marked the third year of partnership with the Turnaround School Leader Project, a Department of Education two million dollar grant awarded to Western’s Special Education and Literacy Studies Department in 2014.

The June Summer Conference opened with Jacob Booth, a recent graduate of Otsego Public High School.  Jake shared an inspiring story of the impact made on his life by a few of his teachers.  Jake urged educational leaders in the room to “be a life saver”.  He encouraged them to take the time to get to know their students especially those who go unnoticed like him. With the inspirational keynote address from Jacob, the day unfolded with multiple sessions building on participant’s leadership knowledge in a number of areas. The annual TSLP Summer Conference provided opportunities for each district to attend sessions on behavioral interventions, data analysis, and future efforts within the districts.  Sessions on data analysis were tailored to each district and brought a deeper comprehension of data driven instruction.

Throughout the day participants were caught on camera as they were interviewed regarding their experiences over the past three years of working with TSLP project.  Participants highlighted local successes, as well as the evident impact that the Turnaround School Leaders Project has had on their educational careers.

  The TSLP Management Team is currently planning the last Summer Conference of the three-year grant. The final summer conference will take place at the Fetzer Center in August 2017.  The conference will allow the district and teacher leaders to model the best educational practices while working alongside their educational partners to impact student learning and professional development initiatives. Both school districts are looking forward to the final summer conference and the beginning of another school year filled with new opportunities to directly impact the students in their districts.

2016 TSLP Summer Conference

2016 Keynote Speaker

Baruti Kafele will be speaking at Western Michigan University as part of the Turnaround School Leaders Grant. Principal Kafele is a Milken National Educator, best-selling author, educational consultant and motivational speaker. He excelled as an urban public school educator in New Jersey for over twenty years. As an elementary school teacher in East Orange, NJ, he was selected as the East Orange School District and Essex County Public Schools Teacher of the Year.  As a middle and high school principal in East Orange, Plainfield and Newark, NJ, he led the transformation of four different schools, including Newark Tech H.S., which went from a low-performing school in need of improvement to recognition by U.S. News and World Report Magazine as one of America’s best high schools. He’s on a personal mission to motivate, educate and empower educators, parents and children toward the elimination of the attitude gap, the world over.

At the two 2015 #TSLPconference in June & August, Battle Creek Public Schools and Flint Community Schools presented their Points of Pride.  These were incredibly inspiring presentations that reminded all of us why we do what we do.  Enjoy some of their ideas and success stories!

Insirpring Moments and Resources

Using videos, articles, and testimonies we inspire leaders to alter the course of their schools through transformational leadership.  Check out our Inspiration Pinterest board and our Inspirational Video YouTube page.

Take a closer look at the previous TSLP Conferences where you will find answers to all your questions including; where they were held, the agenda’s, motivational moments, speakers & presentations, and more!


Join us June 17,2016 at the Fetzer Center on the campus of Western Michigan University in Kalamzoo, Michigan.  The Turnaround School Leaders Grant, a partnership between Western Michigan University and the Battle Creek Public Schools, is bringing to Kalamazoo a nationally known educator who is a bestselling author and an advocate for the role of school leaders in making reform initiatives successful.

Baruti Kafele, who has won a Milken National Educator award—nicknamed the Oscar of teaching—is the keynote speaker for the free public presentation at the Fetzer Center on the WMU campus from 8:30 to 10:15 a.m. Friday, June 17. Organizers have opened admission to anyone interested in effective teaching and leadership in schools.

In his talk, Kafele is expected to discuss the complex role of the principal as the most critical figure in the school building. He also is expected to offer school leaders strategies for developing a school climate and culture that are conducive to high academic performance.

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TSLP Conference Agenda


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Preparing To Attend In August


Please continue to collect evidence and enter it into your new Evernote Portfolio.  Come to the conference with your school provided device (iPad or Surface), as well as, the evidence that is listed in the attached PDF if it applies to your current teaching position.  If you hold a position as an instructional coach or administrator please use your districts evaluation to create your domains for evidence.  Remember your growth portfolio that will be a measure of growth during the three year grant period will be digitally based using Evernote Business.  During the July conference we will be available to help guide you through creating the areas of your growth portfolio.

Points of Pride
At the convening of our second conference each district will provide presentations representing Points of Pride in their participants’ schools. Hopefully these presentations will allow you to make connections with colleagues and schools making the changes you would like to see in your school.  Points of Pride Directions can be downloaded to help define a point of pride – these questions below are meant to serve as a guide to ensure that, at minimum, you have identified your most significant point of pride and those attending the conference have the context they need to understand your point of pride and potentially implement in their school.  The points of pride should be specific. Your point of pride should represent a solution or response to a significant problem identified within a classroom, grade level team, school or district.

When you are ready to put your presentation together make sure you grab the power point template by clicking on the link POINTS OF PRIDE!  Any questions or concerns please contact your District Site Director.

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